Sports Photography 

Athletes, coaches and families of athletes deserve to be seen in their element and captured in their best moments. 

Shutter Speed Sports, based in the Pacific Northwest (and we'll travel anywhere), creates a unique, vibrant & dynamic style of athlete, cheer, and dance photos you won't find anywhere else in the PNW! We also provide a one-of-a-kind athlete photoshoot experience with specialized lighting, colors, fog, and music and you'll see your photos LIVE as we take them! 

Shutter Speed Sports was created by parents of athletes who love photography and want to capture their kids unique, dynamic sports moments in photos; we've been there, so we get YOU. 

Session Types:

Media Days - Photoshoots in our unique style for your whole organization (Up to 10 athletes/hour).

Athlete Solo Sessions - Photoshoots dedicated to a single athlete.

Photo Fundraiser - Is your organization a 501(c)(3)? Are you looking to fundraise in a unique way? We can help! We do a 2–3 hour fundraiser photoshoot where a percentage of the sales is returned to your organization. You can combine this with an existing fundraising event such as a Shoot-A-Thon!

Sports Media Day Value:  

Sports Media Day Elements: 

During a Sports Media Day we can capture any or all of the following types of photos for your organization.

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